How Innovative
Glass Print Works?

Watch the full demo video to understand how innovative glass print works.

Lexy introduces unique Innovative Glass or acrylic sheet Printing Machine with in-built protective coating to print on glass or acrylic sheet materials within ten minutes of time. This instant Glass or acrylic sheet Printing Technology uses Super Polymer to produce high quality photo enhanced printed glass materials. For our customers who like to buy our instant glass/acrylic sheet printing machine will be given specialized trainting on how to print photo on glass or acrylic sheet instantly. Print personalized photo on glass instantly and customized images on glass or acrylic sheet within ten minutes of time and deliver it to your customer. You can start this instant print on glass at home with low budget and less space.

Lexy's Innovative Glass Printing Technology developed not only for photographers but also for Interior Decorators, Architects, Album Makers and all business aspirants who wants to start up a new and unique business with low investment.

Features & Benefits

Lexy innovative glass print has many features and benefits

Instant Print

Processing time is only 10- 15 minutes.

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Non Hazardous

Eco-Friendly materials which makes healthy work environment.

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Low Cost

High Resolution Print at low production cost

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Less Space Required

To start this innovative glass print business, a less space is enough.

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Fine Finish

Photo Quality with Transparent & Translucent background.

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What it is not?

No Thermal, No UV, No Power Required ,No Heavy Machinery ,No Flatbed Printer.

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Who can start this business?

Following persons can start this innovative glass print


Studio Owners & Album Designers


Partitions, Windows

Ad Promoters

Signages & Displays

Interior Decorators

Wall Hangings, Wall Arts

Glass/Acylic Manufactures

Gift Articles, Awards, Trophies


Low Budget & High Return